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Our Sponsors during 2009

This page is to help publicise our sponsors. Either individual people or companies who have donated food or other items for the animals in our care or who have sponsored a poultry crate to enable us to rescue "spent" hens from going to slaughter and to find them pet homes instead.

Any sponsorship of hen crates covers the expenses of the hen rescues and also food needed for any hens that don't leave us immediately. Sponsorship of hen crates is used entirely for hen rescues.

Other sponsorship/donations are used for the guinea pigs and other small animals in our care.

We are aiming to rent some local premises, a stable or barn to keep the hens safe while we check them over healthwise after rescues and for the new owners to pick the hens up from. We would only need to rent this during rescue dates but if it came with a secure field, we'd happily rent it all year round as we have an elderly pony who needs grazing/stables but is currently being kept in a livery yard at our great expense.

We are also aiming to get at least one new external multi-block guinea pig cage during 2009 and also one of these for the isolation unit for the poorly hens. We really need a new hen house with inclusive run and if you can help, please see the next page named "sponsors" Any help is gratefully appreciated.

See our Facebook group, please join us. Also see our blog which is updated at frequent intervals.

Erica Clayton from Moray in Scotland has been a supporter/sponsor of ours for a considerable time.

We value your support and friendship. Thanks Erica.


Thankyou also to Chris Beal from South Somercotes in Lincolnshire for donating some fantastic hutches and a run of which some are in use already.

We can ALWAYS use runs, outdoor hutches, weld mesh, food containers for both guinea pigs and poultry.


Our NEW Air conditioning unit was funded by money raised by Mobile-Microchipping who also microchip animals rehomed by us.


We have managed to source some poultry crates to help with rescues of ex battery hens which have already come in useful at LHR's biggest ever rescue in transporting hens back to Lincolnshire.
 Each crate holds 10-12 hens.
Our Paypal address is and if you are wishing to sponsor a hen crate, please say so on the message to us.
Any help gratefully received. These hens need the chance of a life!
See our blog 
If you or your business would like to sponsor a crate for a year, we will happily attach a laminated business card or A5 sized flyer to the crate to publicise your business. We will also add you to this sponsors page of this website for just £20 for 12 months.
Please get in touch if you are interested in this publicity for your business whilst helping these animals aat the same time.

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Click to enlarge the pics of our new crates
If anyone has any grazing land/ barn/ outbuildings to rent in the approximate triangle of Kings Lynn, north of Wisbech and the east of Spalding, please contact us. Even in the villages out towards the Wash, anything considered as we need a base for rescued hens and other animals.

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Our Guinea Pigs thrive on Bearts Golden Guinea mix and have Megazorb in their cages instead of shavings! We use Bearts of Stowbridge for all our supplies.





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